#8000 Half Yard

Made in India
Kalamkari: meaning the design is drawn on piece of wood block, then carved by hand by an expert wood carver. The cotton fabric is immersed for an hour in the mixture of myrabalm (resin) and cow milk, washed and dried. For the base color of the fabric it is again dyed with vegetable color extracted from cow dung, seed, plants and crushed flowers. Once the fabric is ready for printing, it is laid on the table and the process of printing begins with wood block deeped in vegetable dyes and one after other color with wood block is printed on fabric as pattern ‘s requirement. After each color is printed the fabric is washed and dried and that other color printing starts. Thus, each fabric can undergo up to 20 washings.
Kalamkari art has been practiced by many families in India and has constituted their livelihood.
100% Cotton Gauze
White with brick colored print
Couched with colorful threads
1/2 yard cut - Multiple orders will be cut continuously (order 2 quantity and receive 1 yard)

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