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    Finished Quilt Size: 41" x 41"

    The Imperial Blooms Story...

    "I fell in love with the floral images in the Suzani textiles created in Central Asia. Suzani is derived from the Persian word suzan which means needle. Suzani textiles are usually made from cotton and make extensive use of couching. These textile pieces were traditionally made by Central Asian brides as part of their dowry. Flowers are an important source of inspiration in these highly prized pieces.

    I love handwork and am never happier than when working with needle and thread. I also love the feel of fabric and making endless choices among all the colors, threads, textures and finishes that are available to stitchers today. All of these factors were at play in the creation and completion of Imperial Blooms.

    Imperial Blooms required me to teach in excess of thirty stitches to over five hundred people across North America and in many other countries. It soon became apparent that there was a need for instructions that are not readily available. My block of the month participants would be working with wool plus a wide range of special threads and aiming for depth of texture and a high degree of embellishment. My dad and I developed detailed graphics that would help quilters use the stitches to embellish their quilts. Enthusiasts in my classes started asking me for a resource that would help them develop their stitching skills and responded very favorably to the idea of a special stitching book that focused on a manageable number of “favorite” stitches. That book, Creative Stitching, has recently been updated, and is now available as Creative Stitching Second Edition, and is to be used as a tool in conjunction with this book."

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