Snowflake Template Marking Guide

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    These clear acrylic marking guides take the guesswork out of making snowflakes, and can be used for so many different things! Included is a set of two marking guides. One 45 degree (8 spoke) and one 60 degree (6 spoke) template with markings at every 1/2" to create spokes 1"-4" in diameter. Simply use your chalk pencil to make a mark in the perfectly spaced holes, and get to stitching! Create intricate snowflakes big and small, utilize for flower centers, Whipped and Woven Circles, Picots, perfectly spaced spokes wherever you need them & so much more!

    Each set of Snowflake Template Marking Guides comes with 5 Snowflake Embroidery Patterns, an Embroidery Stitch Guide for the 7 basic stitches used, and the Pattern for the Little Flakes Pillow!