Dirt on my Boots - Acorn Cache

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    5 Acorn Bobbins・20 yards each・Hand DyedSize 8, Tencel


    A cache is where you will find the squirrel has stashed his acorns. These little boxes of five Acorn Bobbins make for an excellent gift or a great start to a new stitching project. These bobbins are versatile and can be used for a variety of stitching, such as quilting, visible mending, and hand quilting.

    When dyer Samantha studied forestry she was taught "it's dirt when it's on your boots but soil anywhere else". Over 10 years later this still sticks with her and became the perfect name for this cache. If you love tones of brown as much as we do, this is the cache for you. Build your neutral stash with Dirt on your Boots.

    Includes colors: Ginger (081), Amsterdam (088), Chicory (092), Stone Mason (097), Exposed Roots (098)

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