Happy Thanksgiving – Teaching in Harlingen, TX

I am so thankful for all the wonderful people I have met over the passed few years and for the life building opportunities that have come my way. Traveling this wonderful planet has really opened my eyes and enriched my life. I am also thankful for all our loyal customers. Special thanks to family and friends and a huge big thanks to Michelle and Cathy.
I recently spent a few days in Harlingen, TX teaching. I taught an embellishment class which was filled with enthusiastic stitchers. Each chose a small project and we covered basic wool applique and embellishments.
They enjoyed learning about using hand dyed velvet and couching threads.
Many did my ever popular ‘Early Pincushion’ pattern which covers beading and couching as well as great finishing techniques.
We used many different fibers to couch then added stitchery and beads.

I also encourage my students to use my patterns as a starting point for their own creativity. Here one of the students changed the dog to look like her own and added roving by needle felting to add texture.
I stayed with Jan. She made me feel very at home and we spent one day at the Gulf coast. We sampled great fresh seafood and she also drove me around town to show me these wonderful murals. Harlingen has many murals in town I especially loved these which were all painted with dots. What a fabulous quilt this would make!

Today our house will be filled creatively with good company, fine food, wine and handwork. Enjoy this wonderful day with your family and friends.

Take care

5 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving – Teaching in Harlingen, TX”

  1. A Quilter Awakens says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Sue! Karmen Sunshine and Linda Brannock

  2. WoolenSails says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed seeing the pieces from the class.


  3. Esteemarlu says:

    Wow I love your work and have for some time and was shocked to find out you were in Harlingen TX. I grew up 20 miles from there and I would loved to have gone to that class if I had known about it. Again, love your work.

  4. katty says:

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