Stitchin’Post Sisters, Oregon

I just spent a fabulous 5 days in Sisters, Oregon. The weather was great and I always love the smell of the pine trees which radiates the outdoors. The hotel upgraded me to a suite, so I had a great spacious room with a comfy leather chair to sew. What more could a girl want!

I taught 2 two day classes with very enthusiastic students and also did a trunk show for their guild night out. The first class was ‘Red Clover’ a small wall hanging pattern. Most of the students worked on the star block as they were wanting to learn some embellishment stitches on the second day. We placed all there blocks together on the wall so we could all enjoy the different embellishments each person experimented with and decided it would make a wonderful quilt. Unfortunately for me they did not want to part with them.

We used ribbons for stems and stitched with Genziana wool thread.
Used seagrass which is one of my favorite embellishment threads right now.

I taught them how to make roving balls and bullion knots.

They also used beads and fine yarns to couch.
The second class was the ‘Altered Texture’. Each making a unique piece of their own.
Some students fussy cut flowers and beaded them.
Many did all sorts of fabulous stems.
They also made unique trims for their vases.
Learnt many stitches.
Rushing hand dyed silk ribbon.
Appliqued with my hand dyed velvets.
Used a combination of different techniques in their flowers.
The last night I had dinner with Jean and spent a little time at her sewing machine stitching together strips using her technique from her new book ‘Intuitive Color and Design’. What fun, I can now see a new quilt in my future!
Sisters is one of my favorite places to teach. It is so well organized and I want to thank Jean, Valori and Jackie for making me feel so welcome.
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  1. Irishgirlsews says:

    What wonderful applique, so unique and beautiful, there is an old saying "its all in the details" Yes indeed the details of the work are beautiful and a delight to see. Thanks for sharing, I have been to Sisters many times, it is a lovely part of this beautiful country.

  2. Threadhead says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing all their beautiful work!

  3. WoolenSails says:

    Beautiful projects everyone was working on.
    I love working with wool, it is so forgiving and fun to embellish.


  4. Debbie says:

    Thank you thank you for all the photos and for sharing the most intricate details. I am thrilled to see every stitch!

  5. luvfabric says:

    Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring! Looks like such an incredible trip!

  6. Willeke says:

    Thanks for the photo's. Everyone is doing a great job!

  7. Rebecka says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos. I love all the different blocks for the Red Clover wallhanging. I have been playing with fabrics and I want to start that wall hanging. All of the blocks have a different look. The class looks like it was a lot of fun!!

  8. metrosupialdesigns says:

    Lucky ladies! What a delicious photos in this post!

  9. Artemaniacas Maria y Maria says:

    esto es maravilloso!!me encanto!

  10. thelastpiece says:

    Wow Sue, I love all those Red Clover blocks together! I can see why you wanted to keep them 😉

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