Sandy Jones – Flowerbed Class

Sandy Jones taught my ‘Flowerbed’ Quilt at Tiger Lily Quilt Co. in Utica, NY. They all did a fabulous job using a combination of wool and cottons and then embellished them with wonderful fibers and stitches.
Lisa Schultz
Marie Miglin
Theresa Gallagher

The group has been together for almost 15 years now. They meet once a month and have 13 members. Each year they try and pick some project to do together which most of them complete. They all enjoy their get togethers and have a fun evening.

Sandy told me that she thinks that Flowerbed was the one that the most people actually finished. Each month everyone drew a number and that number was the block that they did. It was fun to see how different each one came out and it was fun to get new thoughts on each block.

Sharon Nassamoss

Rose Degni

Lyn Doring

Pat Boak

Donna Sperling

Susan Schering was a long distance member. Sandy drew her block number each month and she sent pictures to her. Everyone had fun anticipating how Susan would do each one keeping with her Halloween theme. They were all hoping that she would send her finished piece up but she hasn’t yet. Sandy said she was so grateful that many of her students send pictures of their finished projects. They are so creative and I love the way they make a one-of-a-kind piece using the Flowerbed design as the inspiration.

This design is available on my website in the ‘Flowerbed’ book and is also available as a complete kit. As you can see makes a wonderful Block of the Month program. The blocks are 6″ each so it is a doable project. If you have not worked in wool this is an ideal project to start with.

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  1. WoolenSails says:

    It is wonderful to see all of the different ways each one has quilted their designs. Lots of wonderful stitchery and fabric choices.


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