Teaching at Rabbits Lair and Yellowbird

During September and early October I was fortunate to teach at Rabbits Lair in Rogers, AR and at Yellowbird Art in Lansing, Iowa. I taught the Altered Texture class at both stores and was very happy to see all the embellishment techniques the students tried out.

Rabbits Lair is also teaching my Flowerbed Quilt as a block of a month. I love the sample above which they had stitched to promote the class.

We learned rushing and many different ways to make stems as well as using hand dyed velvet for the leaves.
Here is a wonderful flower using a striped ribbon and crocheted flower center.

These students at Yellowbird had two full days to create. What wonderful ideas they came up with.

I love teaching this class as every flower is interpenetrated differently.

Well done to all and thanks for making me feel so welcome.
Creative stitching

4 Responses to “Teaching at Rabbits Lair and Yellowbird”

  1. WoolenSails says:

    What wonderful ways to use trims.
    I found a store in state that sells thousands of trims, so now I have to go check it out;)


  2. Willeke says:

    Beatiful quilt and beautiful flowers. I love it.

  3. Threadhead says:

    They did a wonderful job!

  4. Nancy in MT says:

    Stunning, absolutely stunning, I have to learn how to make the rushing stem. Every design makes me crazy to put my hands on more wool and embellishments. Nancy

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