Kids on the move

I am not home much these days but when I am there it is a little quiet. I have decided I don’t really like it much! Having been involved in the lives of four children for so long it is weird that three of them are not living here at home.
August and September were whirl wind months as Aimee left for college the day after we return from South Africa and I visited Jason in Washington to get him situated at school. Then I drove to New York City with all Andrews belongings to deliver them to his apartment in the city.
Aimee and Jason are now settling down in their dorm rooms and finding campus a more familiar place. I think they both are quiet home sick but I hope to have everyone home for the holidays.

Andrew apartment is very cozy as you can see there is not much room to swing a cat! It is in the city so him and his two room mates are happy to be close to the action. All he needs now is a job!!!
Even though I am sad they are out of the house for now I am so thankful that they are getting on with their lives and figuring out what they are passionate about.

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  1. Threadhead says:

    Oh Sue…we mothers do share this with you…in a way you shed a tear, and then you also are proud to see them start their own lives…

  2. WoolenSails says:

    My son is married and my daughter moved back with us, and now she is moving out again. Will see how she handles living in her own place, will be the first time for her. We never stop worrying about them, no matter how old they get;)


  3. eileen says:

    The empty nest syndrome will go away but takes a little time. The best part – you now have more space to create in and use! Good luck. Keep up your beautiful work, it is so inspiring. Eileen

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