Art in South Africa

As you can see we had a great time shopping. The stores are full of wonderful colored hand crafts as well as unique beaded and recycled items. We found these wonderful hooked purses at a women’s coop and I had to buy these beaded owls for my sister Wendy.

I also bought some African fabrics to share with my friends back home. Bridget had a store near her that had a good supply of these geometric designs.

The bead work here is phenomenal. We visited Streetwire which is a coop where everything is made from beads and wire. This was a life size lions head.

In Cape Town we also came across this street art totally made using hand prints.

Monkey Biz was one of our favorite stores. Also a coop where they make unique beaded animals and wares. Everything from their little car was colorful.

We had to restrain ourselves as we were already over weight. We each bought a couple of mementos to take home and a few gifts for loved ones.

Our trip was fabulous and I will have many fond memories for a long time. It was special to spend this time with Aimee before she moved into college as well as my mom and dad and Cathy. It has been hectic since I returned but I hope to catch up after market.

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5 Responses to “Art in South Africa”

  1. Nancy in MT says:

    Hi Sue, the pics are stunning, fabulous, love the arrangement of the plates, looks like a quilt to me and I want that lion's head. Much success at market,
    later, Nancy in MT

  2. WoolenSails says:

    So many things to bring inspiration into your pieces.
    I have enjoyed sharing your trip with you and seeing all the wonderful places.


  3. luvfabric says:

    Thank you kindly for taking the time to share your lovely photos!! -Ann

  4. Threadhead says:

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful colors of Africa!

  5. Mariana F. says:

    Hello Sue, I am textile artist from Brazil and I am leaving to Cape Town on the 4th of January. Your photos show that you have been to some amazing fabric stores there. Would you be able to recommend some to me? I am interested in all kinds of traditional African Fabrics.
    Thank you so much!

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