Iraqi Bundle of Love

I came across this website today thanks to the Mason-Dixon knitting blog and decided it needed to be posted here.

Go to Iraqi Bundles of Love

The deadline for getting your box in the mail is Sept 8th and they would prefer earlier, perhaps Friday would be a good goal.

I am sure ya’ll have a little extra stuff hanging around that you would love to donate. Here is the link for all the info so go to
All you need to do is go to this website, leave comment and they will send you the shipping address. The only cost to you will be the cost of sending a flat rate priority mail box and the goods from your sewing and knitting stashes that you are willing to donate.
Here is the link for guidelines on what to put in your box
here is the link on how to put it all together
I am off to get raid the shelves and get my box together.
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  1. mary says:

    Wendy, Thanks so much for posting this on the blog. I am sure there are many of us with more than enough good stuff to send that would love to contribute. Thanks for Sharing. Mary Gealy

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