Journey to Ellensburg

Jason, Sue’s youngest son who has been living with us for the last year received good news last week. He is now officially qualified to go off to university this September as a Washington State resident. His beaming smile was a good indication at what a relief it was. My mom and I went to Ellensburg with him to attend his orientation session last month and after driving through the dry scrublands of the middle of the state you come to this gorge. I will be doing the drive again with Sue in September as she is coming to help move Jason in and to get a first look at where he will be spending his next four years.
His future abode for at least his first year, gotta love that fluorescent lighting! 

We even went to scope out the river and clocked the mileage to get there for when he has a bit of time on his hands to do a little fly fishing. The area is beautiful and the Cascade Range calls for a lot more exploration.

On the way out of town we stopped to look at this house, Dick and Jane’s spot, which I love and was saddened to see that the Dick had passed away last year. 
Please go to to find out more about it. 

I encourage you to have a look at his reflector art on their website especially under the heading Installations and Studio Work. I love these and what great inspiration for quilts. He will be having a show of his reflector art at the gallery at Central Washington University next year. 

I love dots, in fact I cant get enough of them and these are plastic bottle tops he nailed to a wood post. The garden is filled with visual delights.
They reminded me of a project I started while Sue and I were in Australia. I kept cutting out and carrying around with me a pile of dots and finally I have started putting them to use.

Pete’s family has been here visiting for awhile and I showed his two sisters my progress and so they too have started a small project using dots. We had a quick stitching lesson and picked out some scrumptious colors.

This is Nan’s in beginning stages and I look forward to seeing the finished results.
Keep creating.

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  1. alobsiger says:

    The dots are endlessly inspiring, Wendy! I love dots and circles. Lovely!

  2. thestitchinchicken says:

    Looks like a fun project! I love the dots!

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