Dyeing with the girls!

Sorry its taken me so long to post but I will start trying to catch up a little. 

Awhile ago Janet, Deb, Bridget and I started getting together to knit and well just spend a little time together.  We decided to have a play day in our barn/studio and do a little dyeing so I ordered up some worsted weight yarn and we each dyed 6 skeins and then traded a bit of each so we all have a great selection to work with. We are making our own versions of a friendship blanket and here is the beginning of mine. I cant wait to see how they all turn out.

I cant remember who dyed this but I love the colors. 
Here is how it knit up.
My first square finished. This is so addictive I just had to do another one right away.
This is a great way to play with color. I am trying to pull out the colors from the hand dyed square in the middle as well as create a balance with the borders. I will keep you posted as we all progress.
Keep creating.

5 Responses to “Dyeing with the girls!”

  1. Red says:

    WOW, Wendy, how do you do that? C.Rickard

  2. Threadhead says:

    It is beautiful Sue! Hope you are having a great time!I am having fun doing the first block for our meet the 24th! I can't wait!

  3. Jenny McH says:

    Hi Wendy, Wonderful colours…if I didn't have time to knit I would have the balls of yarn displayed in a cane basket just so I could enjoy their beauty. from Jenny McH (Melbourne, Down Under)

  4. brewersbgeeg says:


    Can you tell me where I can find a copy of that friendship blanket pattern. It's going to be beautiful. Thanks, Dawn

  5. sue spargo says:

    Hi brewersbgeeg
    I am actually just improvising so no pattern but I started with 7 inch squares and kind of doing the log cabin thing, adding as I go. I am trying not to be exact so it looks more fluid and playful. I will post pics as I get closer. So far I have done about 7 blocks. Any more questions let me know.
    Hope that helps.

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