Altered texture Class at Quilters Affair

I just love teaching this class. Each student gets to make their own version of this flower basket and I am always impressed with the cool variations we get during class.

Each student comes with a pre-appliqued piece from a kit I send them and then we spend the day making each piece unique. We start by writing in our journals then putting our ideas into action.

We use many embellishment ribbons, beads and threads. Learn many different stitches and
share new ideas.

One of the fun techniques that I love is couching and you can see from these pieces that wonderful fibers were used to enhance the block.

Hand dyed wool is a fabulous medium. It is so easy to cut into different shapes and then stack to form dimensional pieces. It is also like butter to needle.

As you can see we had great fun and I can’t wait to see the finished pieces.

I have been working on a a special project which I am going to blog about later today so don’t forget to return soon.
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  1. Threadhead says:

    Hi Sue….More beautiful things from you!
    You are a true inspiration!I gave youa "karma ' award on my blog! Check it out copy and pass it on to 8 other blogs!Hope to come and visit you in Uniontown soon!

  2. wishes, true and kind says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What a fun way to just let your creativity go! I love appliqué, but have never done anything with wool. I love the fun with embellishments! I'm itching to try it!

  3. WoolenSails says:

    Great thread today. I have been looking at my yarns and wools and trying to decide which ones to use. My problem is, I am worried about loose wools and will they hold up with regular stitching? Do you use any special stitches or materials on wools like that?


  4. alobsiger says:

    What wonderful work! Is that gathered rick rack in the last photo? Genius!

  5. Melanie says:

    How lovely! It's so inspirational seeing what people use to make their own block special to them.

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