Workt by Hand Projects

Well here is the whole group. There was a wonderful creative spirit among all of us. I feel quiet blessed to be a part of this experience.

Many have returned year after year and others have brought friends and family members to share in the experience. It is wonderful to see many sisters and mothers and daughters making this an annual event.

Melissa taught about making buttons. It was a great hit! Many shapes, sizes and colors were made. I can’t wait to see how these are all used.

I really love to see how each piece evolves. There are many techniques to draw from to make each piece unique.

It was great fun being with Sally, Alice and Melissa again. I always come away thinking we could never top what we have just done but hopefully as we plan for May 2010 we will be as creative if not more creative than the year before.
Creative stitching

2 Responses to “Workt by Hand Projects”

  1. Melanie says:

    What wonderful workshops.

    I have only just discovered you thanks to quilty cat’s blog (another new to me).

    I am totally blown away by your Folklore quilt design. Is there somewhere in the UK where I can buy the book? I love playing with felt and mixing mediums. Your work is amazing.

  2. sue spargo says:

    Hi Melanie – Thanks for the comment. I do not know of a store in the UK who stock my books but we do ship daily overseas so you can order anything you would like on my website.
    Take care

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