Annie’s Country Quilt Store, Ashburton in the South Island New Zealand

I just finished 3 days of teaching on Ashburton for Rachel Maw. I taught the Peacock and Small Flower embellishment class. It was fun to see all the different variations of threads that were used on the pieces along with dimensional stitches.

I left the South Island yesterday and spent a few hours in Auckland with Robyn before flying to Los Angeles. We had lunch and a walk in Cornwall Park which is a fabulous park in Aukland full of sheep, cows, amazing old trees  and spring budding flowers.

It was a lovely trip. Many thanks to Robyn and Rachel for organizing the classes and to all my creative students form Australia and New Zealand who made it all worthwhile. I have an overnight flight from LA to Chicago then onto Akron in the morning. I will have time to wash my clothes, get a haircut and pack my bags for our trip to Orvieto, Italy. Looking forward to meeting all my students and so excited Kelly my daughter will been a part of this adventure.

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4 Responses to “Annie’s Country Quilt Store, Ashburton in the South Island New Zealand”

  1. Janet says:

    Sue – it’s hard to keep up with you!!! Enjoy all of your travels!!!

  2. Dawnie says:

    You are so inspirational.! New Zealand a great destination also. Oh my goodness you will need your skates on. Enjoy Italy, oh how excited those students must be too!

  3. Kim solis says:

    Sue and Kelly. Have fun in Italy!! Wish I was going 😉

  4. Meredithe says:

    Oh, Orvieto! I so wish I was going – unfortunately had to cancel. I wish you and your students a fabulous time. I’ll be with you in spirit.

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