Texas Tech – Lubbock TX

I felt very honored to be approached to teach at the Texas Tech Museum in collaboration with an embroidery exhibit  ‘Through the Needle’s Eye’ May 3 – September 6. The class was filled with 26 enthusiastic students all eager to stitch and play with embellishment threads. I love having young students in my class Mary was so enthusiastic. The event was sponsored by the Bernina Sewing Studio who plan to introduce wool classes at their store. If you live in the area they are well stocked with my new ‘Eleganza’ perle cotton line as well as many of our other products. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome.

Creative Stitching


2 Responses to “Texas Tech – Lubbock TX”

  1. Sandi H says:

    Love the circle girl, she looks so whimsical and fun. Also love the leaf with the open buttonhole fill. Some great inspiration, thanks.

  2. Shaula P says:

    What an inspiration to actually touch and closely examine your bright, exuberant work! Thank you!

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