On Thursday we flew to Sydney and were picked up by Anni and her husband Pete. They drove us up and over the Blue Mountains where we stopped for a lovely lunch at a cafe overlooking the mountains. The views are stunning and the area definitely needs a much longer visit.

We arrived in Bathurst in time to stop at their store The Home Patch and have a look around. The temperature here is much cooler than Brisbane and feels more like an American Fall with the leaves turning color and a definite chill in the air. Standing outside the store I felt as though I had been transported to a small village in England. The store is absolutely charming and cozy and I can see why it is a popular destination for quilters. It is that kind of place you feel instantly at home in.
We then settled into our bed and breakfast and later were treated to a Thai dinner cooked by Pete. Anni and Pete have really gone out of their way to accommodate us and Pete has been cooking the most wondrous meals. Last night we had a wonderful Moroccan feast shared with friends and family and tonight is barbecue night, our first since we have been here.
The first day’s class had 21 students and the 2 day Magnolia workshop has 24 so the classes are being held in a small church two doors up from the store. Annie and Pete rearranged all the furniture and set up a great classroom with a small store setup in the back for all the necessities.
The first day of classes was the embellishment workshop where everyone got off to a good start. Here are some details of the pieces that were started.

Erin who took the first workshop Sue did in Sydney sent along her finished piece with a friend to share with everyone. Here it is.
Jenny who also took the one day workshop in Sydney decided to come to Bathurst for the Magnolia workshop and this is her piece. Both look fantastic.

Sue, Anni and I were able to see an exhibition by a woman called Liz Williamson at the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery. She is one of Australia’s most respected textile artists and her weavings were beautiful and thought provoking. I was especially interested in her hand-woven wraps and scarves that combine linen and felted wool. I found the combination of fibers and techniques very interesting. Our dear friend Melissa was very much in my thoughts as I wandered around this exhibit.

Tomorrow is the last day of teaching while we are here. It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of our stay.

Thinking of you all
Wendy and Sue

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