The Stitchin’ Post – Sisters OR

I always love returning to Oregon to teach at the Stitchin’ Post. I taught two classes this year. A textural layering class using wool, cotton and linen backgrounds with many students using my peacock image along with a new class in piecing. We had a lot of fun playing with color and fibers. I will be returning to Sisters for Quilters Affair in July. It will be a great celebration as it is the shows 40th anniversary.

Creative Stitching


4 Responses to “The Stitchin’ Post – Sisters OR”

  1. Sandi H says:

    Wow, love the creative piecing! All the different peacocks, I recognize my friend Anna’s black bird silhouette. Lovely sharing thanks Sue.

  2. Janet says:

    Hi Sue! As ever, both classes were fantastic!!! Kellye and I so enjoyed them. Thanks for the fountain of never ending creativity!!!

  3. Kelly Z says:

    Thanks for the inspiration of colors and creativity. Absolutely engaging pictures!

  4. Dixie Wehmeyer says:

    I’ve been remiss in following up to let you know just how inspiring your class in Maine was for me. One day I’d love to get to Sisters to see the show and take another class from you. Some of the backgrounds above remind me of Gees Bend quilts…hadn’t seen those before; they’re marvelous! Thank you again for sharing yourself with us, Sue.

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