Magnolia in Brisbane

Sue has been teaching Magnolia for the last two days to an enthusiastic group of stitchers who are loving the handwork. They have all made great strides and the blocks they have chosen to do are coming together. The vase with two birds is a popular block as well as some of the flower blocks.

These photos were taken part way through day 2 and all the blocks have had a lot more work done on them since. I thought it was interesting to see a group of the same blocks together since it shows how everyone chooses different colors and embellishments as well as embroidery stitches. They are all unique and individual creativity shines through.

Creative stitching
Wendy and Sue

3 Responses to “Magnolia in Brisbane”

  1. sfielke says:

    Looks like fun Sue, hope everything is going well.

  2. Ann says:

    Hi Sue and Wendy. Just showed one of my quilty friends my partially completed block and gave her a recap on the class and Sue’s quilts. She loved it all. Thanks for the workshop and good luck with the rest of your schedule. Ann.

  3. Sara Lechner says:

    I love the way you give people inspiration and ideas for working on new things of their own.
    I’m happy you have a blog now!

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