Sicily, Italy

We spent 10 wonderful days in Sicily. Surrounded by art, history, incredible vegetation, a visit to Mt Etna and the clear blue Mediterranean. The weather was spectacular, food and wine irresistible and most of all being able to experience it with my parents and good friend Cathy. We had many laughs, spent hours among the people just enjoying Italian life. The food markets were amazing and the Greek and Roman history mind boggling.

I am home and back to reality now but will treasure the experience forever.

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  1. Donna Barth says:

    Oh, Sue, you have brought so many wonderful memories of that beautiful country back to me. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  2. Karen Feek says:

    Sue – I don’t know where to start asking about every beautiful picture of Sicily. You should include photography in your list of credits and “what you do very very well”. Maybe Sandi and I should visit Sicily next year before or after your retreat. Thanks for sharing with all. What inspirational ideas you must have for future projects. Where to start: flowers or vegetables, etc. Loved the picture of Kathy and Kathy and your parents.

  3. Rebecka says:

    Thank you for sharing your photos of your trip. They are so beautiful. I’m glad you got to share memories with your family!

  4. De Coninck Iris says:

    dear sue,
    You have a great eye for taking pictures. They are wonderfull. A great insperation to make many new quilts.greetings from Belgium
    ps you should come to belgium and give classes.

  5. Karen Thomas says:

    Dear Sue ~ Loved your class at Asilomar this class week and had to come see your website. Your photography is beautiful! You are such an artist in so many areas! ~ Karen

  6. Louisa Leone says:

    My husband and I and our son were in Sicily in Oct-Nov last year. It is beautiful there.
    Everybody does northern Italy but don’t see the beauty of Sicily. I love looking at your
    pictures. Louisa

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