Orvieto Italy – Student Work

We spent the week in Italy creating a piece that included the images of the area that had the most impart on each one of us. Each one was unique. They included the poppies that filled the countryside, images from local pottery, the mosaics from the Duomo, the local birds and the lush landscape. We also started the embellishment using hand dyed fibers and beads. I was fortunate to have a wonderful group of 12 avid stitchers who took home a lovely piece of Italy as a memento.

I will be returning for my annual visit to Orvieto, Italy in September 2013 to teach again for Kritsi and Bill. More information can be found on their website. www.adventuresinitaly.net

From Orvieto Cathy and I travelled by train to Rome then flew to Sicily where we met up with my parents for a 10 day vacation. More wonderful photographs soon!

Creative Stitching



3 Responses to “Orvieto Italy – Student Work”

  1. What a treat to see all you beautiful creative women once again! We had THE MOST fun together in Orvieto. Thank you Sue for another stellar week with so much inspiration. I could sit in your classroom endlessly, learning all you have to share about embroidered embellishment. And ooooohhh, those fabulous bracelets! We are the bangle girls, aren’t we? Here’s to 2013 and the lucky ones who jump in to travel to Italy for your workshop.

  2. Nancy Moore says:

    Love your student’s work, such imagination and talent. Hoping you had a wonderful vacation.

  3. Karen Feek says:

    Sue – wonderful pictures of our work. Have already sent my deposit for 2013. Can’t wait. You inspired us so, as did Orvieto and all the outings Bill and Kristi took us on. Nothing can ever top that wonderful wonderful l0 days with such an inspirational group of women who I hope I see again. Next year we need to do more shopping and buy more bangles.

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