Living it up in Melbourne

We have spent a couple of lovely days with Jenny. Yesterday she kindly took us on a day trip down the great ocean road. We loved the views of the pristine beaches and did have a little walk along the beach. The sand was so soft and the weather could not have been better.

We stopped for a fish and chip lunch and then headed down to the ferry which carried us across the bay. The woolies had to come out for the ride across but the views were great. The fur seals made a brief appearance alongside the boat. A great day of sunshine and fresh air.
The day before Jenny and her husband took us to the Healesville Animal Sanctuary where we enjoyed the local and very sleepy wildlife.

The koala was cooperative but the kangaroos refused to stand upright. I think it was way too hot to expend any energy. We enjoyed looking at all the mammals and marveled at how different they were from the African animals we know so well. When we were driving along the great ocean road we were rewarded with a lovely site of a family group of kangaroos. This time we saw them just in time before they settled for a snooze under the trees.

Of course you cant forget the birds and we loved this guy, the Kookaburra.

We finished the day off with wine and fine dining. The vineyards of the Yarra Valley were beautiful, lush and green. A reminder of the recent bush fires scar the hills in the distance. It was a very humbling experience.

Thinking of you all.

Wendy and Sue

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  1. Pat says:

    What wonderful photos…thanks for sharing!

  2. bjk says:

    The first photo of the beach/water is just gorgeous!! I’m so glad you are enjoying Australia! Your camera is taking beautiful close-ups too. Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone.

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