Happy Easter from Melbourne

Happy Easter from Down Under. It is a beautiful morning here in Melbourne. We are having a wonderful few days off taking in this beautiful city. Yesterday we spent the day walking around town. Even though it is fall here there is still wonderful color everywhere you look, a little contrast from winter in Ohio. It reminds me so much of South Africa.
There is a large French influence here. Wendy and I stopped at a French Bakery for a latte and could not resisted this small chocolate mouse cake.
As you know I love polka dot fabric and had to have this cake which reminded me of the Japanese honeycomb dot fabric I just bought at Amitie the day before.

Here is another glimpse at the wonderful architecture in Melbourne. There are many arcades and ally ways that have many cafes and stores. Each one has great character. Here we found a great glass roof and mosaic floor in the same arcade.

Around the corner was another ally way full of graffiti.

Today we are off to the museums and an outdoor market. Wendy has been educating me about Australian jewellers so as you can imagine I am in big trouble as many pieces I have seen have needed to return home with me. The style is earthy and organic and very appealing.

Speak to you soon


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  1. sewprimitive karen says:

    Love your photos and the happy Chocolate Bunnies!

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