My visit to San Antonio

In late February I spent a lovely weekend with Patsy Myers and her husband Dale in San Antonio. I was passing through on my way to teach at Creations in Kerrville, TX. I found lots of inspiration there! We visited the Art museum and spent a couple of hours in the Mexican Folk Art section, spent time at the missions and then an afternoon downtown along the river walk. The weather was fabulous a nice break from the cold Ohio winter.







Hope some of these pictures inspire you to embellish
Creative Stitching

2 Responses to “My visit to San Antonio”

  1. Janet says:

    Sue – this looks like a really fun trip! I would esp. enjoy seeing the Mexican Folk Art section of the museum. I just love Mexico!

  2. Barbara Lange says:

    Sue, all the stone and I particularly liked the one of the passage way with the curved archways. I’m in Australia but have visited US many times as my daughter lived in San Diego for 6 years. One trip in San Lius Opbispo ? spelling I saw similar things of the spanish variety. Never had the chance yet of where you were but there is always time. I am interested what the area inspired you to do..Barbara.

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