We moved into a self catering apartment in the city center of Melbourne today where we get to stay till Thursday. It looks like we will be enjoying the many art and craft venues that this city has to offer. Today we had a nice walk around town and stopped in to see the beautiful tile floor of St Paul’s Cathedral.

This sculpture caught our fancy and reminded us of the critters we left at home.
A few people had told us that this city is known for its streetart and when we came across this area we could see why. We enjoyed the scale of it and loved the mass of color. Of course we thought of Jason and how much he would have loved all this as we meandered through the streets. I loved that even the trash bins were covered.
Tomorrow we are off to a craft market and I am sure we will be inspired.
Thinking of you all.
Wendy and Sue

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  1. Rebecka says:

    Thanks for the photos! Beautiful tile floor. Love the street art work.

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