Material Obsession Visit

Today we spent some time at the store in Sydney called Material Obsession and Sue was able to meet some talented quilters. We got to see some of the quilts from Material Obsessions book one.
Another one from their about to be released book two.
We also got a sneak peak of a quilt Kathy is working on for a new pattern. This one might finally turn me into a quilter! Maybe I can put that pile of dyed wool scraps to use.
Sues Ginger Grove was hanging on the wall, a spectacular rendition done by Kate out of Japanese fabrics. Hanging next to it was a quilt composed of some of Sues blocks interpreted by Kathy’s friends and given to her as a fiftieth birthday gift.
It was wonderful to just hang around, to meet you all and to share all your wonderful work.
We hope someday to see you all again.
Wendy and Sue

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  1. kate says:

    thank you sue and wendy for spending your precious time with us.
    it was great to learn so much in such a short period of time.
    wendy, i will get the pattern details for you asap.

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