Student Work – Out of Hand – Calgary Canada

I returned home yesterday from 9 wonderful days of teaching for my dear friend Deirdre who owns ‘Out of Hand’ in Calgary. I have taught here for a number of years now and have made many lovely friendships. This year was exceptional as many of my students returned with their finished pieces to share. I have decided to do two posts the first about previous class pieces then tomorrow I will post about the 4 new classes.

Deirdre has an amazing store filled with all the fibers and trims I love to use.  Needless to say each student has a large stash of luscious embellishments which you can see they have used on their lovely pieces.

Deirdre and Pam gave me permission to share the lovely pillow Pam made for a class she will be teaching in the fall. It is made from our Christmas line of ribbons by Renaissance Ribbons. I love that she used Dupioni Silk as a backing it made the pillow a little more classy.

It is a treat to return to ‘Out of Hand’ each year as I have seen how each students work has evolved and it is fun to be able to teach more challenging classes. I can’t wait to see what each student brings to share next year.

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4 Responses to “Student Work – Out of Hand – Calgary Canada”

  1. Nancy Lazay says:

    Hi Sue, I had a wonderful time with you at Out-of-Hand. You never cease to amaze me with you great creativity. I am excited to see your new works and attend next year’s workshops!

  2. Kelly Zellars says:

    Sue, thanks for sharing. They are all stunning and very inspiring! A moment of colorful joy as I take a break at work!

  3. Sue Carrick says:

    I am so inspired by your students work.
    Thank you!
    Sue C.

  4. Marilyn Carter says:

    Once again had a great time with you at Out of Hand. You make the class fun and inspiring. It’s great to get together with a group of women who share the same passion for stitching. And yes, we all know we are so lucky to have Deirdre and her staff who foster a creative enviornment for us, not to mention the great selection of threads and fabrics. Looking forward to next year.

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