Mackinac Island MI – Needlework Seminar

Cathy and I drove to Mackinac Island in early May. I taught with David Taylor and Kim Diehle at the Needlework Seminar at the Grand Hotel and Cathy vended wool and embellishments at the show.

The weather was lovely and my classes were full of enthusiastic and creative students.

Here are  pictures from the design class I taught .

I have been trying to catch up with all my classes I have been teaching. I am happy to say I made it now I am on track and will blog about current happenings next.

Have fun sttiching

Take care



2 Responses to “Mackinac Island MI – Needlework Seminar”

  1. Gabriela says:

    Great stuff!
    So many creative uses of the embellishments!

  2. Pam Binson says:

    Hi Sue and Kathy,
    All I have been thinking about is wool, cotton, silk and velvets since I have come home. Unfortunately I have 25 aprons to make for the Survivor Cafe and our Race for the Cure. But that boring process gives me lots of time to plan and just wait until I organize my stash of threads, fabrics, ribbons and all sorts of stash stuff.
    My sister and I were only able to take your one day class, but loved it.
    I had a great time with Kathy at your class shop.
    I hope you all are having a grand time in Italy and thank you for sharing your talent. Remember stitching is made better with Red Wine with Garlic.
    I am closely following your schedule until I can take another class hopefully a design class. I also enjoyed reading your history and celebrating your success. Women truly can do anything and God blesses us with our resourses, thank you for sharing your passion for creativity with the stitching community.

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