March Happenings

I had a great time at the annual NEORQC weekend where I taught ‘Flowerbed’. The emphasis was on embellishments which everyone really got into. I was delighted that both Renee and Kathy brought their finished quilts to share with everyone.

I love the way Kathy has put her colors together on her Ginger Grove quilt and also the great wool zig-zag border she created on two sides. Carol Rickard finished it with her fabulous quilting.

Renee used some great cotton prints in her Folklore and she changed the blocks around a little to make it her own.

When I teach I always try to emphasis creativity as who would want a quilt that looks just like mine. I love for my students to use my patterns as a spring board to make their pieces unique and a reflection of themselves. Even customers who buy kits have a tendency to change things around and add personal touches.

It is fun to try any of the blocks from my books to make pillows, table runners and pin keepers.

Have fun and don’t forget to share them with me and I can then pass them on for everyone to see.

This week I traveled to Michigan to teach and lecture at the Town Hall Quilt Guild.
What a fabulous group of quilters! They were so enthusiastic and eager to learn. I also learnt that a local store was running a very successful BOM program from one of my books. I have been toying with the idea of starting a program for stores which will be different. This reminds me that it is probably the right time to do this. With so many programs out there it has to be unique to be successful!

While I have been traveling and now getting ready for my big trip to Calgary and Australia this is what the folks at home have been up to. Aimee and Kelly have had their heads in the dye pots and Cathy along with Michelle have been working very hard with the website orders and BOM shipments.

Aimee and Cathy have a little thing going and on the side Aimee has been taking photos of Cathy and posting different desktop pictures on the computer. So Cathy started hiding very funny items in Aimee’s bedroom. Here are some of the things you guys are missing out on.

Spring must be in the air!

Take care

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  1. Rebecka says:

    Sue have fun in Calgary and Australia!! What fun you must have traveling! Loved the photos, everyone is so happy and having a good time.

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