Bitterroot Quilters Guild – Hamilton, MT

Happy Easter
Earlier this month I spent a day teaching and lecturing in Hamilton, Montana. I was surrounded with enthusiastic gals wanting to uniquely embellish leaves.

We used Chenille, Silken Perle, Seagrass, Silk thread, Perle Cotton and Dazzle thread in wonderful colors and textures to stitch fun stitches around and onto of our leaves.

Rose brought her Crimson Tweed quilt to share with me. She did a lovely job and now is a proud owner of a finished wool quilt.

Many of the gals used unique placement of their leaves.

I love this new wool we have. Wendy has found some very interesting textures for us to play with. The Bullion Knots were stitched with one of my favorite varigated colors of Silken Perle thread.

Many thanks to all for making me feel so welcome.
Keep up the great stitching!

6 Responses to “Bitterroot Quilters Guild – Hamilton, MT”

  1. Sam I Am...... says:

    They're all so beautiful and unique. It amazes me how there can be that many variations on a theme but there are! I love the quilt. She did a gorgeous job on it. I also really like that wool leaf in green with the curly top and the leaf that looks like it has a brown wooly caterpillar on top! Great pictures! Thank you.

  2. Pip says:

    Beautiful embellishing work on the leaves, I've just bought the Crimson Tweed pattern and am gathering my fabrics for it, so it's nice to see a finished one.

  3. Nancy in MT says:

    I love that textured wool!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Donna says:

    I have got to learn that bouillon stitch.

  5. Anna says:

    Wonderful work as always.
    A hug.

  6. KathyB says:

    These leaves are fresh and beautiful. I always find something fun on your blog. Thanks. I also use small pieces of fabric in my creations, with lots of hand stitching. You can see what I'm making @

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