Quilt Crossing – Boise Idaho

Late last month I taught three days at Quilt Crossing in Boise, Idaho. The store is co-owned by Patsy and Laura. Laura introduced me to the class saying she took her first class from me in the late 90’s. Laura made my ‘Saffron Hill’ Quilt in that class. My style has changed over the years but it was really nice to reminise.
It was a very exciting weekend for all at Quilt Crossing as they were in the throws of moving to their new store. I did get a sneak preview of the store and I cannot wait to visit again to see their wonderful new space filled with fabric.

I taught two classes the first the ‘Peony Bloom Pin Keeper’. It is always a fun class as it is colorful and has many fun elements and textures to the assembly. We embellished with some textural stitches and hand made roving balls.

It was great to have Cece from the Thread Gatherer in my class. I loved the way she used many of her ribbons to embellish.

Sue took Tonye Phillip’s and my class in Sisters, OR last year. She has been working hard on her quilt she designed in that class. I always love to see the quilts as they progress.

Sue also brought her ‘Robin Run the Hedge’ quilt to share with everyone in class.

The second class was my Red Clover Quilt. Many students worked on the appliqué at home so that they could start the embellishment in class.

Many samples of my designs were shared in class I loved this fun version of the ‘Sew Your Seeds’ Needle case.

 A great use of Sea Grass and Dazzle Thread

Many thanks Laura and Patsy for a fun visit and Good Luck in your new home.
I am looking forward to returning in 2014.
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  1. K says:

    Now – Sue's quilt – the barn, the barn cat. Here's a secret: put a horse on anything and it automatically becomes high art.

  2. Donna says:

    You may be just a little prejudiced about that! For me, it was the cat that brought it into the high art category!

  3. WoolenSails says:

    Wonderful pieces from the students. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.


  4. Nancy in MT says:

    Oh, I love the older version of Saffron Hill. And of course stunning projects from your students. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter celebration.

  5. Ángela says:

    Beautiful works!!! Congratulations!!!

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