New Designer- Jen Kingwell!

We are pretty excited to have the opportunity to feature and carry a few of Jen Kingwell’s designs.  Jen and my mom have been friends for many years; both nurses as their first career, now both designers- Jen a lover of cotton, my mom a lover of wool- both with a very unique look- and I think- both ‘elite’ in their class.

Over 30 years ago Jen stumbled into quilting; this interest became an obsession and then became her career.  Jen describes herself as a’ traditional quilter with a modern twist’.  She loves scrappy quilts and the more fabrics she can use in a single project the happier she is.  We are so excited to be able to feature her and offer a few of her patterns on our website.

The Circle Game
The Circle Game
Green Tea & Sweet Beans
Steam Punk
Steam Punk

Jen has owned quilt stores for 14 years and currently owns Amitie Textiles in Melbourne Australia.  When mom and I were in Australia we were lucky enough to be able to quickly stop in and say hi to Lucy, Jen’s daughter.  Jen currently lives in Abu Dhabi with her husband who is working there, and  Lucy currently runs Amitie along with the help and support of a great staff.

Amitie Textiles
Amitie Textiles


Amitie has an eclectic mix of fabrics including Japanese, Liberty of Londen, linens from Europe, french toiles and a wide collection of patchwork fabrics.  They offer wonderful service and classes and host both local and international teachers.  If you ever get the chance you absolutely must stop in!  Despite an episode of land sickness while I was in Amitie, I gathered quite a few unique treasures.



We are all so Jen inspired we have put together a few new funky fat 1/16th packs to get your creative juices flowing!




We have also added Bohin Finger Cots which were introduced to us by Jen and have quickly become our new favorite notion!


Be sure to visit :

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Follow Jen on Instagram at jenkingwell

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and checkout all of Jen Kingwell’s Designs featured on our website!







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