The Quilt Basket – Tucson AZ

I just returned from a lovely time in Tucson. It was in the 70’s and it was wonderful to lap up a little sun shine. I taught a two day class on embellished leaves at The Quilt Basket owned by Lena. The class was filled with very enthusiastic students all creating a learning new stitches. They all used a great variety of textural threads creating their own unique leaves. Nubin shared her lovely quilt with us. She took a class from me at Mackinaw Island in MI last year on creating folk flowers. Nubin went home and made this wonderful quilt. It was great to see it in person.

Lena has a fun store filled with great fabrics. Don’t forget to visit if you are ever in Tucson. Thanks for making me fell so welcome. I look forward to returning.

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  1. Gabriela says:

    How many different leaves have been made and will be made because of you???So cool to see!

  2. Jayne says:

    How wonderful that you post such wonderful pictures of your work. I dream of one day being able to take a workshop with you. Your work is so inspiring to me. Thank you!

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