Cumberland Valley Quilt Guild – Nashville TN

I have been a little quiet I know. I promise I have been creating and working very hard catching up before hitting 2012 in full swing. Happy New Year to everyone may I wish you all a very fulfilling, healthy and creative 2012.

I am returning home today after teaching in Tennessee. I am so pumped up! My classes and lecture were very well received and I was surrounded by such enthusiastic students for two full days. All creating and stitching using mounds of luscious fibers and of cause great hand dyed wool and velvets. Thank you Wendy for your amazing dyeing!

I love handwork classes the creativity is endless each student sharing and interacting makes the classes even more fun. Everyone interprets stitches differently and we all learn form each other. Most of my students are looking to be creative so they are all able to take some risk. The best part of teaching is I keep learning myself. It just makes my journey even more fulfilling.

We spent two days stitching and layering fabrics, velvets and wool. Each piece was unique.


Tammy participated in my BOM last year and decided to do another version of the quilt by digitizing the design. She brought her blocks to share with me. I love what she did! It is always fun to see how my patterns are interpreted.

What a wonderful way to do my patterns by machine especially if you do not favor handwork.

She also uses my Folk Art Dreams CD by Electric Quilt and made a smaller version of the center of my Uniontown Square quilt. This fun CD has my first 5 books (about 190 blocks) on it and has endless ways you can create quilts and blocks in all different sizes. It is available on my website

Many thanks to all at Cumberland Valley who made me feel so welcome. I hope the classes opened many doors for enjoying and exploring stitchery.
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  1. SRR says:

    Sue, my haphazard blogging search brought me to your wonderful site. I have been a quilter and and have recently been trying to find new blogs that blend family heritage and quilting together. I hope you have a change to visit my blog
    Blessings to you,

  2. Sam I Am...... says:

    Happy New Year to you Sue! I took a class from you in Arkansas a few years back and loved it! I've been trying to finish up projects as I have all these things started and nothing to show for all my hours of work! LOL! Love your pictures and your work and the work of your students as it is SO inspiring! Thanks, as always!

  3. Nancy in MT says:

    Happy New Year, Sue.

    Love all the inspiration, especially love that patchwork vase. The embellishment with a sewing machine is awesome.

  4. Kate says:

    Hi Sue, What's the name of the little squiggly stitch that's in the third photo. I'm finishing up the project form your class at buggy barn and wanted to do those but can't find it the books you recommended. Thanks Kate

  5. sevgi says:

    hello my friend.very very nice days

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