Portland, OR

I have been in Portland visiting my son Jason who started school at the Oregon Culinary Institute in late October. As Jason was in school during the day I caught up with two friends here in Portland, visiting fun shopping areas and eating at wonderful local restraunts.

Betty and I go back many years. I taught for her here in Portland 12 years ago when she owner her own quilting store. She has since retired and now teaches many classes at Pioneer Quilts www.pioneerquiltshop.com
It so happened that this Saturday was ‘Spargonian Play Day’ and she ask me to make a quick visit to her class. I was delighted to see all the students working on one or more of my projects. The classroom was full of color!

They were so enthusiastic stitching away on bags, pincushions and many on my Flowerbed Quilt. The store also has a wonderful display of my patterns and many finished projects.

I love the many versions of my Victoria Tote each of the students had made. Some bright and cheerful and others made from ethnic fabrics.

One day Betty and I also visited Shipwreck beads in WA and found a few treasures there to add to our quilts.

I was amazed at how many of my quilts Betty had made. The store was just an array of color.

Jason and I also spent some fun time with my friend Susan visiting a wonderful Asian market, great bead and furniture store and eating at fun restaurants.

Many thanks Betty and Susan for taking such good care of me while Jason was in school. I love Portland and I am so happy that I now have an excuse to visit.
Jason is doing well and it makes me happier now that I know where he is living and that he is loving school. The added bonus was that I got to sample a couple of good meals that he cook for me in his little studio apartment.
I am flying home tonight and need to now focus on the holidays.
I just can’t believe how fast life is passing by!
Take care

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  1. *Stitches* says:

    Hi Sue, are you speaking about THE Betty that owned The Quilting B? It's been years now and Oh how i miss that shop! I should go check out Pioneer Quilts. You've had great weather which is always a bonus here…and sounds like your son is settling in well
    Merry Christmas,

  2. David says:

    Ah…Portland! A place dear to my heart… Enjoy the city and the northwest… as well as quilting 😉

  3. Teran says:

    Sue! How are you? Love your scarf – I chuckled when I noticed it on you in a pic! I wear mine daily! Take care – I miss you guys!!

  4. Anna says:

    Pioneer Quilts is one of my FAVORITES!!!!

  5. Lucy says:

    Cannot wait to have you back in AUS Sue 🙂
    x Lucy

  6. Michelle @ Periwinkle says:

    They have some wonderful samples there in the shop! It's nice that you had a good visit with your son,

  7. Rebecka says:

    I loved seeing all the beautiful photos!! Always an inspriation!! I need to get busy!! Sounds like you had fun seeing Jason! Take care Sue.

  8. Patty S. says:

    It must be wonderful seeing how many people you've inspired, Sue! Thanks for sharing your journey and Merry Christmas.

  9. Michelle says:

    how fun!
    I live in Portland and am glad you enjoyed yourself. What a wonderful surprise for the people in the class at Pioneer Quilts! I love that store.


  10. Anna says:

    I love the stitching of all kinds, especially the patchwork, but I have to tell you that your work I think it's wonderful, it goes beyond anything I've seen.
    As I like to sew like you.


  11. Crazypatch says:

    Je viens de terminer aussi mon Victoria bag,( photo sur mon blog: http://carrementcrazy.zumablog.com/index.php?sujet_id=17039) un vrai plaisir à réaliser… Merci beaucoup pour vos magnifiques modèles… j'ai envie de tous les faire….

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