January Australian New Zealand Quilting Cruise – Sydney and Hobart Tasmania

Kelly my eldest daughter and I arrived in Sydney in early January a couple of days before the cruise to spend a little time with my friends Joc and Rollo. We had a lovely few days visiting the museums, parks and doing a little shopping. We boarded the ship on a Friday afternoon and sailed away on a lovely summer evening. I was delighted as my friend Susan from Portland was one of the participants on the cruise. We also met Terry from Canada who was Susan’s room mate. Our first stop was Hobart Tasmania. We visited the Quilted Crow which is owned by Leonie and Deirdre. This was the wonderful store I taught at last year. Kelly and I spent the rest of the day in the Salamanca area. In the late afternoon we boarded the boat for Melbourne.


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  1. gabriela says:

    Looks great!!!Have a fantastic time!!!

  2. Rosemary says:

    I love your photography… and notice that in places we have both been i have taken very similar pictures, in some cases of the same things. The dog sculpture in Hobart is on my office pinboard!

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