Couer d’Alene – Idaho

I have just spent 9 days in Spokane visiting with my family and spending time with my youngest son Jason who is on spring break. I always love to spend time with them it gives me a little breather and also allows me to catch up with a lot of emails and gives me time to think about the year ahead.

While in Spokane I taught at the North Idaho Quilt Guild for a couple of days. The class was full of very enthusiastic students who worked on my ‘Bird Play’ block. It is always fun to see all the embellishment techniques used by each student.
We used many ribbons which were attached in many different ways. Couching was also widely used stitching with an array of hand dyed yarns.
These pieces are still in progress but you can all see how the sky is the limit with creativity. I can’t wait to see them once more has been added.

Don’t you love the use of zippers. Very creative!

We used a combination of cotton, silk and metallic threads for stitching. It is always a surprise.

Sharon Howe has been teaching my Flowerbed Quilt as a class at Bear Paw Quilting. It was wonderful to see Carol and Eileen’s blocks in progress.

Cheryl Clossin also brought her blocks from Magnolia to share.
I loved seeing these Victoria bags made by –
Paulette Steele
Sharon Howe
and Nancy Pawlak.
Many thanks to Sharon and all her guild members for making me feel so welcome. It was a pleasure to share my passion of wool and embellishment.
I traveled to Monterey, CA last night to teach for a week at Empty Spools at Asilomar. I am so excited to be teaching a 5 day workshop on ‘Creating with Wool and Textural Fabrics’. Will share my experience soon.
Keep creating

5 Responses to “Couer d’Alene – Idaho”

  1. WoolenSails says:

    I love all the pieces, everyone did. So many beautiful wools and ways to embellish the projects.


  2. K says:

    I wonder. If I went to one of your classes, I wonder if – me sitting amidst all those women with their needle skills and imagination – I'd just sit there staring at my fabrics and not know what to do. It's been that kind of day.

  3. Elsa says:

    it's all so lovely! I want to take one of your classes some day ~ know I'd be inspired like all the ladies from Couer d'Alene!

  4. Buy WoW Accounts says:

    Those are so beautiful. You are so creative and crafty. I wish I could learn doing such craft.

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  5. Sharon says:

    Sue I just want you to know how much of an inspiration you are to me. I know I do not order from you and if I could I would but I can't so I felt the need to tell you how much you are such an inspiration to us Folk lore peoples…..I have followed you for a very long time and will continue….thank you so much

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