Chaska Quilt Club – Chaska MN

The last weekend in September I was the featured quilter at the Chaska Quilt Club in Chaska, MN. My quilts were hung in the community center for the month of September and during the weekend that I visited I lectured twice and taught three classes. The members were all lovely and I was made to feel right at home.

The weather was spectacular all weekend and I was fortunate to have time to spend the first afternoon at he Arboretum. It was full of fall color with many of the flowers still in bloom. They had a halloween display throughout the grounds with many fun scarecrows decorated by local groups in town.

The Chaska Club used a combination of my designs for their raffle quilt this year. I loved what they did. I was just a little disappointed I did not win it!

The classes went well each student worked very hard at layering and stitching. I designed a couple of new pincushions for the 4 hour classes and for the full day class we worked with ribbons, fabrics, velvet and wool as we created vases filled with flowers.

Thanks Jackie and Vicky for taking such good care of me throughout my stay. It was a delight to work with both of you.

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