Our last part of our trip was in Hanoi and Halong Bay. Hanoi was a bustling city with so many places to see. As we were there for only a couple of days we decided to take a city tour with a local guide. That way we were able to see some of the highlights of the city.
One evening Wendy and I decided to walk around the Old Quarter and came across a fabulous store that specialized in cloth from the minority people in Northern Vietnam. There are dozens of different groups who all do the most amazing hand work. Mainly on their clothing using a lot of embroidery, applique and silver colored beads and buttons.

The washed out colors of the old buildings and folk art where very appealing and of course have my creative juices going.
We also came across a young man who carved wooden stamps. We spent about an hour sitting at his store front going through large baskets of amazing carvings. We picked out a few for him to carve our names in as a momentum of this special time.

While walking the back streets of many cities we have visited we are always fascinated by the Graffiti. Wendy has taken many photos but I feel this sums up our visit to Vietnam. I will always smile fondly thinking of the millions of motor bikes I encountered on the streets of this friendly country.

I will post tomorrow about our last stop in Halong Bay.

We are very blessed in this country and I have many parts of my life to be really thankful for. I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and special time together with family and friends.

Take care


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