Hoi An

We took an early flight to the historic town of Hoi An which is located on the north bank of the Thu Bon River in Central Vietnam. What a wonderful contrast to the bustle of HCMC. It was designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 1999.

Hoi An is full of long, narrow tube houses, Chinese pagodas and ornate community halls as well as family shrines and a Japanese covered bridge. There is also a very interesting market which we walked through many times. It was a feast for the eyes full of great colors and shapes. One morning Wendy and I got up very early to see all the fishing boats pull in and unload all the fish for the day.
There are many tailor shops here where you can have any item of clothing made in 24 hours. It was a fun experience to have clothing made in any style and color. We thought this was a unique way to have your cloth delivered to your store. Just a little different from UPS!

Vietnam manufactures wonderful silk fabrics. We came across a small exhibit of the process of silk making. Here are millions of silk worms that will spin cocoons to be unwound for the manufacture of cloth. It is a fascinating process.

The architecture in Hoi An was wonderful. Wendy and I spent many hours wondering the streets admiring the colors of the buildings and doors. There were many great restaurants and wine bars that were we sat and watched time go by.
One night we took a cyclo ride to the Mango Room for dinner. It was an interesting experience.

I will always remember Hoi An for the sea of color, filled with lanterns, fabrics, pottery and buildings. Wouldn’t these make wonderful quilts!

My fingers are itching to start a new project. Here in Ohio we are expecting a miserable weekend so I am planning to cuddle up and create all weekend. Hope you all get the opportunity to stitch as well.


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  1. Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens says:


    I am really enjoying your post on Vietnam, Hoi An is colorful, I love all those lanterns. And those silk worms, hmmm..wearing silk may not be the same…lol.. amazing to think how some fabric is made. Enjoy your weekend of sewing….
    I have purchase knitting needles made in Vietnam, they are quite beautiful.

  2. Carrie P. says:

    What an interesting place to visit. Hope you get to take the time to do some stitching.

  3. Nancy in MT says:

    I too have enjoyed our blog thru Vietnam with you, I can just imagine what you will be designing with all that experience from your trip. Getting ready to make a few pink elephants from your CD. Nancy

  4. Karen says:

    I’m enjoying your trip to Vietnam. I bet you came home with lots of goodies?

  5. Carol Sloan says:

    I have just begun to read your blog and I love it! Thank you for sharing your travels and your stitching art.

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