Color Stories

I spend a lot of my time exploring color in the dye studio. I create new formulas for my fabrics on a regular basis and looking for inspiration is a constant. I have often been asked how I come up with the ideas and so I thought I would start a series of posts about color and the resulting fabric.

I am very lucky to live on a hilltop overlooking a prairie, beyond which is Mt Spokane. One of the things I enjoy the most is the 180 degree view and the feeling of expanse one gets from this vantage point. It is a constant reminder of how small we are and how exposed we can be to all the elements. We see a lot of different weather moving through and during certain times of the year we are treated to amazing displays of color.

These photographs taken from the hilltop are my inspiration for this collection of fabrics. Gorgeous shades of orange mixed with blues. I decided to create a new fabric bundle of four different fabrics using this combination.

The fabrics are silk charmeuse, silk rayon velvet, silk matka and wool. I started with orange and then added various proportions of blue at different stages of the dye process. I kept no formulas and made no notes, I just played. They are spontaneous and therefore not exactly repeatable. They are available through Sue in 1/16th yard bundles in limited numbers. I dyed just three yards of each.

I am hoping to create a different bundle each month using a photograph or two for inspiration and each month tell a unique color story.



9 Responses to “Color Stories”

  1. Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives says:

    Beautiful colors ~ absolutely beautiful!

  2. WoolenSails says:

    What a wonderful place for inspiration, gorgeous colors.


  3. Marg M says:

    those colors and pictures are absolutely lovely.

  4. Miranda says:

    I think you did an amazing job!!!! Love the idea to see were colors inspiration came from. Quilting greetings from the Netherlands..

  5. Cynthia Eloise says:

    what a great source of inspiration for your colors.

  6. Gabriela says:

    Dear Wendy,

    the post is beautiful! You really got the exact feeling and colors of the landscape…Being someone that gets to use and create with those fabrics is great to tell you, thanks! because your part of the process makes our art more beautiful!

  7. kathyinozarks says:

    gorgeous! thank you for the inspiration

  8. K says:

    Santa Fe colors.

  9. Maggey and Jim says:

    I like it that you gave your inspiration and the colors are vibrant.. They will enhance any project.. Great work,

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