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Today Heather and Megan at Quilt Story have featured my ‘Robin Run the Hedge’ Quilt. Please visit their fun blog at quiltstory.blogspot.com Thanks so much for such a great write up.

On the down side we are running a little late with the newsletter this month due to all my traveling. Then yesterday our computer crashed and as of right now we have lost everything back to December 2008. Very frustrating but we are all handing in there. Lots of extra work to do!
Take care

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  1. Cecily says:

    Found you via Quiltstory… your quilts and your style are incredible. Gorgeous!

  2. Sam I Am...... says:

    I know it might be a little late but check into ClickFree…(QVC carries it)….I just plug it in once a week and it backs up my computer. It can back up multiples, pc and macs plus you can restore selectively or completely to another computer. It even reminds you when to back it up…I love it! Also, love the quilt!

  3. Janine says:

    Wow i think this is amazing, i like the way you choose your colors. it's very beautifull.

    kind regards Janine

  4. Jeni says:

    Hi Sue!
    I love your Robin Runs the Hedge Quilt! Beautiful! We need to have you back to the shop for a workshop! It is so nice to have you so close, we need to do it more often! I know you are busy, but maybe we can find a date! I love your blog! Jeni Gaston (woolen willow)

  5. Lizzie says:

    Sue, I just had a thought. If you came out with a fabric line that had printed birds, leaves, and flowers that could be cut out and appliqued on fabric it would be wonderful. just a thought.

  6. Maggey and Jim says:

    I know somewhat of the issues you are going through but then yours would be multiplied infinity?? It is so frustrating and takes awhile to get back to norm . Will keep you in my thoughts..Sending peace your way.

  7. Gabriela says:

    Oh Sue!!Sorry to hear that! Looking forward to the lecture tomorrow! See you then!

  8. nerospostandpatch says:

    Hello Sue! I'm sorry to hear that – it's terrible to loose so much work and information…mine acts a little bit strage and I'm affraid the same…
    I love your creations! Thank you for lovely moment visiting you!
    Best wishes Teje

  9. Highland Monkey's says:

    That quilt is gorgggeeous, I love the colours in it.

  10. K says:

    I'd run over and help you if I were close enough. Instead, I will just sigh and run my fingers over the image of the hedge quilt.

  11. robin says:

    Sue~ your Robin Runs The Hedge quilt is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the color combinations. I also was excited by the looks of the new BOM ~ know that there will be 300 BEAUTIFUL quilts out there next year!!! I am almost finished with my project from Workt by Hand and am loving it & have a couple of quilts to finish before our guild quilt show next spring….So sorry to hear about your computer crash, darn things!!! Hope that you have a wonderful Fall, Friend. Blessings, Robin Van Allen

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