The Quilted Crow – Hobart Tasmania

What an amazing trip this has been! We spent our last few days in Hobart, Tasmania with the wonderful gals Leonie and Deirdre from The Quilted Crow.

Their store is in an amazing old sandstone church which was built by the convicts in 1865. It has stunning stain glass windows and a great warm atmosphere inside the building. It was a cozy place to have class. We were able to spread out and stitch for two glorious days.

Both Leonie and Deirdre cooked lovely lunches and teas. We also started and concluded the class with a welcoming cheese and wine party.

It sounds like all we did was eat but we managed to do a whole lot of stitching as well. The students were very creative many visiting from the Melbourne area for a mini vacation.

Life in Tasmania is a little laid back so it was decided to start class a couple of hours late the first day so many of us could shop at the famous Salamanca Market. What a treat Wendy and found many lovely hand made items along with a few hand embroidered Indian cloths for inspiration.

After stitching for a couple of days Wendy and I has two days to explore before returning home. We spent a day at MONA the new Modern Art Museum along with a little shopping. The second day Leonie and Deirdre took the day off and we went to Port Arthur. The coast line is spectacular and we has a great day learning about the history of the area and taking in a little sunshine.

It was just a taste of this beautiful island. We hope to return one day to explore some more. Thanks Leonie and Deirdre for making us feel so welcome.

This has been a wonderful seven weeks. It was very special to spend so much time with my sister as well as all the friends we have made here in Australia over the last few years. It reminds me so much of South Africa so I am sure that is why I feel so at home here.

A very special thanks to Jenny and Noel for organizing the whole trip I believe we did about 36000 miles by air.

What an amazing way to see the world doing something you are so passionate about.

It has been a treat to share my love of stitching!

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  1. LIz McMahon says:

    Once again, thank you Sue and Wendy for an amazing weekend…

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