Anni Downs – Hatched and Patched – Bathurst AU

I taught for three days at Anni’s in Bathurst. It was wonderful to return and spend time with Anni, Pete and their two wonderful children Tim and Sammy as well as visiting with many of my students from my last visit. I was amazed at the amount of finished projects they brought to share with me.

I love this little pillow which Anni’s daughter Sammy started in my class last year. It makes me really happy to see young girls stitching.
Here are two Magnolia quilts from my last years class. The top one is Suzanne Glennon Martyn’s of Oberon with her wonderful Queensland house in the center. The one below was stitched by Janette Robinson of Bathurst.
Many wonderful Flower Basket Quilts were also shared.

Terri Ann Press of Bathurst stitched the Flower Basket with the doily.

Heather Hacker from Windsor Downs NSW also shared her pincushion she made from Anni’s and my pattern which was published in Australian Homespun Magazine a couple of months ago.

Jennifer Edwards from Sydney also finished her Red Clover Quilt.

Roslyn McGovern made her block from Magnolia into a pillow.
During the two day class we had students working on a few different projects. I love the different backgrounds these gals were using for the Robin Run the Hedge Quilts. The plaid one is an old wool blanket.
Many worked on leaves for there tree using all sorts of ribbons and hand dyed threads to create texture.

Many also worked on different shapes of leaves.

The one day classes was my Saffron Needle Roll. It was such fun to see all the embellishments and different stitches each student played around with.

Melissa and I had a great time in Bathurst. When we were finished Anni and Pete drove us to Sydney were we spent the night before moving on to Melbourne.
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7 Responses to “Anni Downs – Hatched and Patched – Bathurst AU”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Sue, I would love to take a class from you. Ever come to AZ or CO or SoCal to teach. Anything scheduled at the Country Cottage–think that is the place Renee teaches?

  2. Maggey and Jim says:

    Looks like much work was accomplished and must say all is beautifull.. Love all the bead work and special stitching…

  3. K says:

    Why do I picture you sitting in a plane for 17 hours, needle in hand, and the man sitting next to you patiently holding piles of leaves and trim and small vials of leaves in his lap as you explain complex stitches to the woman on the other side? I was trying to sleep last night, thinking through a Christmas ornament I'd like to make, and mentally trying to revisit every one of these blogs for ideas on the wings. All of this work you've shown us here is intriguing and inspiring, but I have to say that the Red Clover by Jennifer Edwards really hit me square – the birds were poetry.

  4. Sam I Am...... says:

    There is so much I love in all the beautiful stitchery! I especially wish I would have thought of a doily for my vase picture….how creative and it adds a nice touch. I also loved the little tiny flowers of wool on top of the bigger flower and the plaid blanket background and OH…the ruffled material around the flower that makes it three dimensional…so much creativity! What talented people in AU! And I love their magazines too!

  5. WoolenSails says:

    I love seeing the work that the women create in your class. So many wonderful variations and ways to embellish.


  6. plantationjack says:

    had the opportunity to meet you, the class was full in Bathurst,however you stayed at my Plantation House studio. Hope you enjoyed the stay and on your next visit to Bathurst I can join your class. I have begun 2 of your projects and I am loving the creativity but I would love to learn the variations of the embellishing. Look forward to reading more of your patterns…and sewing

  7. Broches de la felicidad says:


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