Teaching in Juneau, Alaska

I sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure that I am really in these wonderful places I have been so fortunate to teach at especially this year. Alaska was fabulous! I taught for three days for Jan at Changing Tides and Annette at Raintree Quilts in Juneau. The students were so enthusiastic and I got to meet many who are on my BOM program. We worked on a block from my Magnolia Quilt, a block from Red Clover and on the flower basket from my Altered Texture series.

They all had fun with embellishing with beads, couching, embroidery and velvet.

I had a little time to do some sight seeing and went to the Gardens where there were these amazing upside down flower trees. What you see at the top are the roots of the tree. These were all pulled up in a mud slide and the owner designed all the trees which they plant with amazing cascading flowers each summer.
I stayed with Fabienne at her home over looking the water. What a view! I was really taken with these 8 foot Delphiniums in her garden. She explained that they are so tall because of the long days of sunlight.
She also took me out on her boat and what a great evening of sight seeing. This is the glacier form the water.

We also saw whale and they performed for us breaching many times. It was hard to capture it on camera.
The sea lions where also sunning it up in the bay.
The Altered texture class was great we embossed on velvet making very textural flowers.

Used Chenille and ribbons for different techniques and textures.

Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome. It was a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to return.
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11 Responses to “Teaching in Juneau, Alaska”

  1. Wendy says:

    I am going to hide in your suitcase next time along with Aimee. ; )
    It looks amazing. Pete will be so jealous of those delphiniums. Hope you are having safe travels. Love ya

  2. Red says:

    That eagle…. What a beautiful sight!Wonderful pictures on your blog, and I'm grateful to you for sharing your adventures. Love ya'!Carol

  3. K says:

    Yes – your life – to see so much – and to go where you are guaranteed an adoring reception. Charmed and amazing. I want to know how to do the tiny chenille donuts. I love, love, love them. Thank you for recording both the work and the wandering. Little vacations for my imagination –

  4. Maggey and Jim says:

    The hand work is gorgeous.. I am so jealous of seeing the whale. That must have been breath-taking. Looking forward to Primitives.I loved the textured velvet..

  5. CHRIS says:

    Wow can't wait till your Aussie workshop I'm booked in to learn all this fab embellishing, so excited. Chris b

  6. Fabienne says:

    It was great having you Sue, you rocked our quilting world!

  7. dulcy says:

    Love it all! The artwork is fabulous, and Alaska is my favorite place of anywhere I have traveled. The whale shot is so exciting!

  8. Gabriela says:

    How beautiful!

  9. Kim D. says:

    Gorgeous work!! I'm from Anchorage, a transplant to AZ, so your photo's made me a little homesick.

  10. savoe says:

    I find your work and blog so inspirational, thank you so much for sharing all this.

  11. Lori says:

    Thank you for the great close up photos you take of the stitches and embellishments. It's so inspiring!
    What a trip! Is there a way to make your Alaskan adventure any better? So beautiful!

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