Bird Play Class SLC

What fun I had teaching in SLC! My good friend Kerry Green organizes this retreat. We had 18
students and the workshop was help at Elaine’s Quilt Store in SLC. It was wonderful to see projects that my students had made from previous classes as well as some of my patterns.
This is Marianne’s version of my Journey Tote from my ‘Urban Sacs’ book. I love her color combination.

This was last years workshop project a block from the ‘Magnolia’ Quilt.

This year I added a small project to the workshop which were these wonderful little pin cushions all with different personalities.

As the main piece for the workshop the students worked on a piece called ‘Bird Play’. They came to class with the foundation appliqued then we spent two days embellishing and adding layers. Each student added individual character to their piece adding layers, beads and stitches to their birds.

The flowers were layered with cotton and wool fabrics some taking on a new life of their own.

This flower has a rayon ribbon rushed center.

It was fun to see their embellished leaves and berries. I was amazed at the assortment of techniques they all used.

Kerry and I have decided to lengthen the workshop for next year to three days. We have many new ideas and have already started planning the 2011 workshop.

After the workshop I was spent a very relaxing weekend at Kerry and Dales new cabin in the Mountains near Provo Canyon, Utah . I got to spend the days sitting on the deck watching the deer and hummingbirds while I sewed away at a new piece I was embellishing.
Many thanks to both of you for sharing this special place.

Today I travelled to Seattle where I will be teaching a two day workshop at Quilt Works Northwest in Bellevue, WA.
Will keep you posted on the great embellishments my students create here.
Keep stitching

6 Responses to “Bird Play Class SLC”

  1. Whimsey Creations says:

    Beautiful embellishments and beautiful cabin!! It looks so peaceful. I emailed you awhile back about teaching in Atlanta in 2012 since your 2011 schedule seems to be filled up already. Did you get it? You can email me at Thanks for sharing all the great pics on your blog!

  2. Gabriela says:

    It is all beautiful! I love the bird play!!!

  3. Rita Vermeersch says:

    JOOOOOOOO Sue, everytime I visit your page, I remain without word to express the beauty of your works.I don'nt know where you find all the energy to travel so much, and chare your art with so many people in your clases. What a pitty I live so far away. This week, I made a few of your birds from your new book, and seeing these lovely pincuschions, I shall trie to make one. Your book is a succes over here.
    Many regards

  4. Maggey and Jim says:

    I loved all the birds, so good and the stitching was super..Looks like it was a rewarding experience.. Love your work,

  5. K says:

    Yes, yes. This workshop is what drew me to this blog. I was too poor, both in money and time to come to play. Now, I am drooping, looking at all the fun you had and thinking of the things I might have learned. I love that little red half moon, striped with wrapped stitches. I am blinking at all the creative details and wondering why I have not done so much as try to do some little thing of my own. Maybe now that the house is mostly put back together. But I will have to do horses instead of birds, I think – maybe with a southwestern flair –

  6. not so zen -quilts in Paris says:

    i'm scared to pick up embroidery again, as
    quilting fills up a great deal of my days, but this is SOOOOOOOO sweet! Happily i got the book in Nantes……… fascinating!
    Love, Will in Paris

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