American Patchwork and Quilting Creative Circle – Des Moines

After market I was invited by American Patchwork and Quilting magazine along with 22 other designers to be a part of their ‘Creative Circle’ retreat. We travelled by bus to Des Moines on Sunday night arriving at a local hotel.

The next morning we were introduced to all the staff and to the creative concept for the next couple of days. We were all to be ourselves and leave our businesses behind. As we walked into the workshop we were all amazed at all the wonderful supplies that were provided for us to play with.

The tables were laden with fabrics, craft supplies, ribbons, and buttons. What a feast for the eyes!

Our first challenge was to cover a small journal which told a little about ourselves. We had an hour to do this and could use anything from the share table.

Our next challenge was a group project. We were given a basket with a few odd items in it and we had to make a useful quilting project that everyone would want. After designing it we had to present it to the group and sell the idea. Many of them were very creative.

My group designed a must have ‘Travel Sewing Caddy’ with all the trims. Our challenge was to use a pinwheel and some plastic clasps.
The other groups designed an array of fun items like a ‘sparkle machine’ to identify all you sewing products.
‘Lola’ to hold all you sewing items.

‘Magic Fairies’ to help with your sewing projects.
The ‘Invisa Necklace’ to make all your sewing purchases invisible when bringing them into the house.
A non slide foot cover for your sewing machine pedal.

We had a great time with this challenge and many laughs.
The second day we spent the morning at Meredith Corporation. They do many magazine publications including American Patchwork and Quilting. The building is full of wonderful art work. One of the most striking was by Dorothy Gillespie these wonderful forms which filled the entrance.

The older part of the building also had these wonderful painted walls by Richard Haas.
I was amazed to find out that every recipe in Better Homes and Gardens is tested before publication. We were treated to a wonderful salad lunch at the test kitchen.
My favorite part was the test gardens which were in full bloom. What a wonderful place to work in the middle of a city!

Later that afternoon a couple of us went to see this amazing stone sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy.

Many thanks to all at American Patchwork and Quilting for a great few days. It was very rejuvenating.
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  1. Gabriela says:

    This sounds great Sue! Thanks for sharing the experience with us!

  2. Hen House Studio says:

    Thanks Sue for sharing the fun time, creative work, and beautiful garden pictures. I had a mini vacation!

  3. Maggey and Jim says:

    All the beautiful colors in this post are phenomenal. What funny creations and looks like so much fun.. We love seeing what is going on out there in the business of wonderful creators.

  4. K says:

    What a charmed life you life, my girl. I hope you appreciate the rarity of it. But you've earned it. I swear, that first table looked like a grand display of fabric patisserie! I'd have run for a plate and then been overwhelmed with all the color and texture. Great fun!

  5. Nancy in MT says:

    What fun, what inspiration, but my mind is getting to your website to finally buy your
    Contemporary Folk book. I'm thrilled just thinking about it, and I also just received APQ mag with your pillow.

  6. Art4Sol says:

    I just happened to stumble across your site…so glad I did! It's very inspiring….I love working with wool, too!

  7. Art4Sol says:

    Oh, also, could you suggest a source for velvet…I was thinking that I'd like to experiment with adding some other than wool fabrics. Thanks!

  8. Elisabeth Fuchs says:

    what an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Whimsey Creations says:

    Wow what fun! I love the idea of the Invisi-Necklace LOLOLOL

  10. narink says:

    Wish I could have been a fly on the wall watching all of your creative minds at work! What fun!

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