Spring Quilt Market – Minneapolis

The energy at market was wonderful. Everyone was enthusiastic and interested in trying new products in their stores. I was very fortunate as Melissa Becker joined me to help in my booth. It was great to spend time with her as she now lives a fair distance from my home.

At the last minute Lori Baker decided to come to market to shop and was able to share our room. We all had a good time together.
My booth was filled with quilts from my two new books ‘Robin Run the Hedge’ and ‘Contemporary Folk’ as well as my wonderful Genziana wool thread that I wholesale.

I love the Japanese fabrics and I am always excited to see what Seven Islands new lines are. You must admit they are always really fun. As you can imaging I bought quiet a lot of new fabrics for my website. These should all arrive late July.
My friend Anni from Australia was at market with her husband Peter. Her booth ‘Hatched and Patched’ is always full of wonderful sweet designs. We had a great dinner outdoors with them on Saturday night. I will also be teaching at her store in Australia in August.

Melissa and I had a little time out on Thursday and spent the day down town shopping. It was the day of the Farmers Market. The sun was shinning and the streets were full of colorful fresh produce. It reminded me how much I love to garden and how I can’t wait to get my hands back in the dirt.

The most amusing sight we saw was the Pedal Pub which passed down the main street each night. It was filled with happy and laughing participants having a drink and peddling down the road. Minneapolis is one of my favorite destinations for market. Everything is very convenient.

I am very fortunate to have be invited to the ‘Creative Circle’ in Des Moines by American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine so I will be spending the next few days as their guest.
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  1. Gabriela says:

    Glad you enjoyed it!!!
    It is always so beautiful to see all the photos and we are so happy to know that new people will get to discover your beautiful art!

  2. K says:

    I am a bit split in my reaction to this piece on the market. On the one hand, I am burning with borrowed excitement – knowing what even our little local quilt and craft markets and conventions do to me. On the other hand, knowing what they do to my checkbook, I am glad I wasn't there. Okay. Not glad. But not completely devastated. I think I am better off not knowing about these things. But I don't believe that statement at all. How amazing and wonderful it must be to be able to focus on the thing you do and love best in the world.

    I say that, but I have to add this note-to-self: perhaps I am doing that, too. But my children and grandchildren don't look half as cool and exciting when I hang them on the wall.

  3. Sequana says:

    It's always exciting for me when you put up a pic of a booth or a magazine spread and I see that very first BOM there. It was such a joy to work on that, and it looks wonderful in my daughter's home out in NJ.

    All of your things look so beautiful, no matter how they're displayed.

  4. Chookyblue...... says:

    our booth looks great and it is also wonderful to see Anni's booth……..thanks for sharing the pics……….Are you at Anni's in August???

  5. Nancy in MT says:

    I would so want to take that whole box of threads home with me.

  6. WoolenSails says:

    Your booth looks wonderful with all of the beautiful pieces and threads.
    I think I would love to help at your booth;)


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