Nantes to Paris

After the show we drove to Paris through the Loire Valley. I could not have thought of a better time to have done this. Being spring every thing was in full bloom and the color of the landscape was a feast for the eyes.

I kept taking pictures of all the windows and doors which were painted in an array of aqua and blue. They were just so appealing to me against the old stone buildings. It just made me want to stitch a new project.

The flowers were in full bloom as well as and the flower markets in Paris. I love to garden and it gave me itchy fingers to get into my dirt at home to start planing for my own flower beds. It was a long winter here at home so I am looking forward to spring!

As chartreuse is my favorite color you can imagine how these fields of mustard were so appealing. There were hundreds of acres of fields all the way through the Loire Valley. I have never seen so much vibrant color in a landscape.

This passed summer I planted two wisteria over my new deck at home. I am hoping that in a few years they look as wonderful as the ones I saw in France.

The food was fabulous in France especially all the pastries. One afternoon we all indulged in this wonderful rhubarb tart. I need to find this recipe as I absolutely love rhubarb and this was a little different with a custard filling.

Kelly also ordered chocolate mouse one evening and was amazed when the waiter arrived at the table with this huge bowl. The idea was that she was to serve herself the amount she wanted.

You can’t go to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. Wendy made the comment that every time she visits it she is still amazed at the size of the structure. We thought this picture may give you a better idea if you have not had a chance to visit.

As we were only in Paris for a couple of days we had to decide how to spend our time wisely. The bus tour around the city was a must especially as Cathy and Kelly had never been and it gave them an overview of the city. The one museum we decided to visit wad the Primitive Museum. It was just below the Eiffel Tower where we also had lunch.

We really had a wonderful time together. It was great to spend time with Kelly, Wendy, my Dad and Cathy. It was also wonderful to have them at the show in Nantes and for them to be a part of the launch of my new book. I thank them all for all they have done to make it possible.

It was not possible for Wendy, Cathy and I to go to Paris without indulging in a little fiber. So we managed to find a couple of stores to satisfy our need. Now we need to make time to do the projects!

It has been like a whirl wind since I got back home so I will keep blogging and sharing over the next few days.
Take care and keep stitching

8 Responses to “Nantes to Paris”

  1. Threadhead says:

    How fabulous! I will have to post my pictures soon! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sam says:

    Oh, how I love your posts!

  3. K says:

    The tower is the – okay, I have no word for it. Astonishing. Huge? Graceful? Unbelievable? Je ne sais pas. I have always wanted to see the Loire valley. I want to take a canal boat down the river. I always wanted to take a hostling trip down the coast of Maine on a masted ship, too. But I fear I will end my life having done neither of these things. But you have driven the valley. How amazing. Last time we were in Paris, we wanted to drive ourselves out to Fountaibleux (sp), but were so unnerved by the Paris traffic, we gave up the idea of driving anywhere.

    Nice to go back in these few moments you have shared.

  4. quilltr says:

    Seeing France was the high point of my life, and your pictures brought it all back. I can't wait to get back there again. Driving is the only way to see it, because there is so much that you would never see otherwise.

  5. grandma peden's porch says:

    OMG the pictures make me want to go back!!! doesn't that city just give you a feeling it's hard to explain but i loved it over there!!! so glad you had a good time.
    marilyn =0}

  6. Deb says:

    Thanks for the lovely photos. I adore France but last time I was there was mid winter and freezing – so was happy to see your sunny photos. Just bought your new book from Quiltmania – absolutely gorgeous works of art and beautifully produced. Thanks so much for your inspiration.

  7. Odile says:

    Do you find the rhubarb tart recipe ?

  8. Jovita Goldschmidt says:

    Sue .. I think I have a recipe that will come close .. will send via email. It's gorgeous! Jovita

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